image002An International Seminar Organized by IENE

Athens, Friday February 3rd, 2012



Regulations of People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Marine Pollution from Ships

rok13We refer Members to previous circulars on the new Regulations of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the Prevention and Control of Marine Pollution from Ships (“the Regulations”), and the postponement of the requirement that owners/operators of (a) any ship carrying polluting and hazardous cargoes in bulk or (b) any other vessel above 10,000 gt enter into a pollution cleanup contract with a Maritime Safety Agency (MSA) approved pollution response company before the vessel enters a PRC port.


SOLAS - Mandatory Compliance with the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code

rok11In December 2008 IMO adopted Resolution MSC.268(85) introducing the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code in place of the Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes (BC Code). Compliance with the latter was recommendatory unless imposed by individual flag states as a statutory requirement. Although meeting the provisions of the IMSBC Code has been voluntary since 1 January 2009, compliance will become mandatory under SOLAS on 1 January 2011 regardless of a vessel’s gross tonnage or age.


Recent Attacks on Ships in Ports/Anchorages, 23 Aug 2010

rok10The Club has been informed of a recent attack by armed individuals against 4 ships in the anchorage at Umm Qasr, Iraq.  It is understood that the local fishing fleet (which usually consists of approximately 75-100 dhows and is often in/around the anchorage) was used as cover by a dhow disguised as a fishing boat to transport a number of armed individuals (15 in total) to each of the four targeted merchant ships. Once aboard, threats were made by the armed individuals against crew members in order to try to obtain money and other valuables. Further, the Club has also been informed of recent attacks by armed individuals against 2 ships at Mongla Port, Bangladesh.


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