Recent Attacks on Ships in Ports/Anchorages, 23 Aug 2010

rok10The Club has been informed of a recent attack by armed individuals against 4 ships in the anchorage at Umm Qasr, Iraq.  It is understood that the local fishing fleet (which usually consists of approximately 75-100 dhows and is often in/around the anchorage) was used as cover by a dhow disguised as a fishing boat to transport a number of armed individuals (15 in total) to each of the four targeted merchant ships. Once aboard, threats were made by the armed individuals against crew members in order to try to obtain money and other valuables. Further, the Club has also been informed of recent attacks by armed individuals against 2 ships at Mongla Port, Bangladesh.


Whilst the Iraqi Police have reportedly apprehended all the individuals involved at Umm Qasr, Iraq, those responsible for the attacks at Mongla Port, Bangladesh remain at large.

With the potential threat of such attacks in ports/anchorages, Members are reminded of the need for their crews to remain vigilant at all times and particularly in Iraq and Bangladesh. The Club would remind Members of the Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) set up by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB). The main aim of the PRC is to raise awareness within the shipping industry of the areas of high risk associated with piratical attacks or specific ports and anchorages associated with armed robberies on board ships. Ships can obtain a live update on reported affected areas/ports and/or in the event of an attack can report the incident to the PRC to assist the promulgation of information to other ships and thus help prevent further attacks.