logoThe Hellenic Committee of Lloyd’s Brokers’ Associates was established in 1938 and is one of the oldest insurance related committees in Greece.

Traditionally, the Committee consisted of Marine Insurance Brokers, who at the time, were representing Brokers at Lloyd’s of London, since this was the main Marine Insurance Market. At later years, the co-operation of our Members has become internationalized, extending to all the worldwide marine markets, however,  maintaining very strong ties with the Lloyd’s Market as our title implies.

During the last few years, the Committee has extended its membership to allow new members of equal expertise but from different disciplines to join us and enhance the activities of our Committee to be consistent with the current market requirements.

All our Members have a widespread co-operation with all the Marine Markets worldwide and are proud to offer service which ranks second to none.

Co-operation of our members with all the worldwide markets, but not having a traditional market locally, ensures a truly objective choice of security as well as price to our clients .